Detective Chinatown 2 (2018)

PG13 / Mandarin / Action / Comedy / 121 min

 Detective Chinatown 2 Movie Poster
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Director: Chen Sicheng
Cast: Wang Bao Qiang Liu Hao Ran Xiao Yang Natasha Liu Bordizzo
Release Date:  -


Qin arrives in New York City to attend Tang and Xiang’s wedding... or so he thinks. Tang shows up to receive him in a flamboyant outfit and the truth is out – the so-called wedding is actually an international detective contest with an attractive cash prize for whoever manages to locate the missing grandson of Uncle Qi, the ‘godfather’ of Chinatown. Angry about being deceived, Qin decides to leave New York City and return to China, but a message from NYPD officer Chen Ling attracts his interest; Uncle Qi’s grandson has been murdered, and in a strange way. Thus the contest has been changed, from hunting down a missing person to solving a murder case. Qin joins Tang to form the “Detective Chinatown duo” and all the detectives involved try their best to solve their case. During the course of investigation, another murder with the same M.O takes places. Qin has his eye on a suspect, only for the suspect to have an alibi. He starts to doubt himself as even more murders happen, apparently by a serial killer. Finally, Qin and Tang hunt down the killer, and his motivation behind his killing spree shakes everyone to the core. The case seems closed, but another mysterious puzzle lies under the surface.

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