A young man finds out that his girlfriend has been cheated out of her money by a corrupt multi-millionaire, and she is not the only victim. The businessman makes millions by deceiving aspiring medical students and their parents. The young man decides to fight for justice and stand up against the corrupt businessman.
Directed by: Bharathan
Keerthy Suresh
Jagapati Babu
Daniel Balaji
Thambi Ramaiah
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PG13 / Tamil / Action / Adventure / 2 Hours 45 Minutes

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Director: Bharathan
Cast: Vijay, Keerthy Suresh, Jagapati Babu, Daniel Balaji, Thambi Ramaiah
Release Date:  12, January 2017


Bhairavaa (Vijay) and his friend Shanmugam (Satish) are working in the bank at the loan department and they are very close to their bank manager (YG mahendran),Bhairavaa and Satish is invited to the bank managers daughters wedding and there he meets Malarvizhi (keerthy suresh) bhairavaa falls in love with her and proposes his love but she declines his feelings and also shares the reason, that she is stuck in a grave situation and she cannot commit to anyone. This forms the crux of the movie where bhairavaa tries to help her in this bad situation and resolve it for the love of his life. How he deals with this corruption and unscrupulous methods of the villain forms the rest of the story.

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Mohamed Ilyas
10 January 2017
Mass of Thalapathy

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