Lucky Boy (2017)

PG / Mandarin / Comedy / Drama / 110 min

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(127 Reviews)

Director: Boris Boo
Cast: Chew Chor Meng Chen Xiuhuan Wang Wei Liang Venus Wong
Release Date:  18 May 2017


LUCKY BOY chronicles several decades of the lives of Lin Yu (Wang Weiliang), his family, friends and Qingqing (Venus Wong) – the girl whom he falls in love with in primary school and continues pinning for throughout his tumultuous and eventful life. Lin Yu is always one step behind others and surrounded by misfortune… Will Lin Yu, the destined “unlucky” boy, be able to change his fate?

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Lucky Boy Reviews

Hannah Wye
27 May 2017
Not worthy
Some detail parts of the story are non sense. Laggy of scenes. Story background is similar to Taiwanese old school movies. Overall was just lame

Tan Ying Lin
20 May 2017
Storyline a lot of plot twist,quite funny at times but sometimes the jokes a bit too cold. Quite draggy at certain parts. The story isn't deep enough but overall okay okay. It's relatable for some couples. Not the usual cliche happy ending story,takes a lot missing out to reach the end HAHAH enjoyyy

7 June 2017
Nothing special
Most likely huge investor asking to make her daughter or the girl popular. Not worth paying.

Benjamin Goh
24 May 2017
It hits right in the feels

Miao Jun
22 May 2017
A little draggy at some parts, but entertaining throughout. Ending was good but felt it could be better as well. It's quite a refreshing introduction too (to have two protagonist, two point of views) from local production. Will definitely recommend this movie to my friends.

Ginna Ong
12 November 2017
Nice movie
Another local production to support!

Benita Bernie Long
9 October 2017
Nice happy movie
Pretty and nice story. A bit on the chick flick side.

Caroline Goh
12 June 2017
I love to watch to lucky boys it is so entertaining

Wendy Wassabi
8 June 2017
I love to watch
I wish I can watch

Ivan Poh
7 June 2017
One of the better local films I have caught
Seriously it's not just a local Singapore Film but I think it's light hearted and entertaining to watch. Not a single moment I find the movie was boring, great casting and settings. Catch it before it ends!

René Rhetoric
3 June 2017
Just another love story..

Elex JingWen
27 May 2017
Typical jack neo movie with no real substance

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