Narratage (2017)

PG13 / Japanese / Drama / 2 Hours 20 Minutes

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Director: Isao Yukisada
Cast: Jun Matsumoto Kasumi Arimura Kentaro Sakaguchi Ayaka Onishi
Release Date:  14 December, 2017


While going about her life, second-year university student Izumi Kudo receives a phone call from her high school teacher Takashi Hayama. An advisor at her high school`s drama club, Takashi requests for Izumi`s participation in a graduation performance. Back during her schooling days, Takashi was one of the people who helped Izumi cope with her problems and she eventually fell for him. Now a year later, the anticipated reunion might turn into something more with Izumi still harbouring feelings for him and Takashi showing signs of liking her as well.

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