Spot Who's Missing In New Justice League Movie Still

NEWS - 11 Jan 2017

The main characters are all there except for.....

Can you spot who's missing in this movie still for Justice League recently released by USA Today? 

The last we saw even a hint of him was in the closing few moments of Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice when dirt particles began to vibrate on his levitating coffin - Superman. That meant that Clark Kent a.k.a Superman was not actually dead right? Well, that should be the case and how can there be a Justice League without Superman? Superman should come up at some point but the lid is being kept very tightly on when he will appear and for how long. We will just have to wait and see for now. 

We can console ourselves with the fact that Superman was featured in the earlier image for Justice League so we should see Henry Cavill reprise his role at some time during the upcoming DC Comics movie.