The members of a school`s marching band are having their final rehearsal at school ground, and because their practice ends late, they decide to spend the night there. A gang of mischievous students gathers together for a ghost story session, and tells real spooky tales regarding their school that have been passed down through generations. After the story-telling session, several students decide to have a courage test to find out whether the urban legends are real. However, when the group of students returns, some of them are missing.
Directed by: Pass Patthanakumjon
Sedthawut Anusit
Ranida Techasit
Ekkawat Ekatchariya
Teetatch Ratanasritai
School Tales
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School Tales

PG13 / Thai / Horror / 1 Hour 38 Minutes

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Director: Pass Patthanakumjon
Cast: Sedthawut Anusit, Ranida Techasit, Ekkawat Ekatchariya, Teetatch Ratanasritai
Release Date:  12, January 2017


Every school has its tales of horror and mystery. This Thai school has a fair share of them too… Years ago a fat, slow-witted student was constantly bullied by his classmates. The students called him “Giant”, and one day they tricked him to go the school’s abandoned building. Giant was panic that he was left alone and started to run. He fell down from the stairs and broke his neck. After that, no students go near the building. Those who wander there would hear a voice asking “Where are you?” If anyone answers, Giant will come and get them. The second story is about the school’s library. It is told that anyone who wants to see ghosts should go to the library on the day when it’s empty and make loud noise. After that, someone will “shoo” him to keep silence. If the student keeps making noise, he will hear footsteps approaching. And then, something terrible will happen. The last school’s legend concerns Pawadee, the leader of the marching band. It is told that Pawadee was murdered when she was practicing flute alone in the rehearsal room. If any student wants to see Pawadee, he can summon her by playing the note backward. Pawadee will appear, and again, something terrible will happen. These are the top three ghost stories that the students have passed down for years. On the night when the members of the marching band have to stay over, they decide to test if any of these tales is true. Prepare to feel the horror of this haunted school, where the origin of these tales involves something even more terrifying.

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